Splash the Platypus & Robert Eadie

Welcome to the World of Splash

This web site is dedicated to SPLASH, a special platypus, reared, tamed and kept successfully in captivity by Robert Eadie.

Splash received world wide recognition and following his death in 1937 was exhibited in the Institute of Anatomy in Canberra, Australia. During 1943 Dr H.V. Evatt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented the exhibit on behalf of all the people of Australia to Winston Churchill, who had always displayed a keen interest in Splash the platypus.

Read on to discover more about this unique mammal and his keeper, my great grandfather, Robert Eadie.

Robert Eadie

Robert Eadie was an ardent naturalist, one of the founders of South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park and he was appointed Honorary Curator of the Sir Colin McKenzie Sanctuary for Australian Flora and Fauna in Healesville, (now known as the Healesville Sanctuary) in 1932.

Healesville Sanctuary, situated only 61 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, has become one of Victoria’s greatest tourist attractions, drawing some 300 000 visitors each year.